A bit confused and trying to let go. What do?

hey guys, so there's this girl, who i have been "flirting" with for a few months at work, we're always flirting, albeit jokingly, she knows i like her, she's older than me by like two years, so here's the thing, even though we're always flirting, i don't get the feeling she has any romantic interests in me, and she's always flirting jokingly i've told her many times i liked her and she kind of thinks im joking or she just isn't interested, and im trying to just let go which i think is the best option for me right now, but here's the main question, if i drop the flirting and just act normal, pursue other women, be a bit more serious about life and get my shit together, how would she react? would it affect her? what would she think?


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  • If ever you stopped, she will realize what's your worth to her, she can also just ask why (if she has no feelings for you, or she'll just let it be. Many possibilities.


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  • Drop the flirting act first before pursuing the other women. That in itself may prompt a reaction from her. If not then proceed to pursue other women, not to make her jealous but because she isn't reciprocating your feelings!

    • What kind of reaction would she have though? how would it make her feel if i just dropped the flirting act?

    • You'll never know until you do it. Everyone reactions differently. Good luck!