Can a guy consider me as a potiential gf if im always by his side?

Me n this guy have talked in the past but timing for us to be official wasn't good for him. He still txts me everyday and we bullshit n at times meet up for sex. He going through some hard times right now and i worry for the guy. He seems to open up a little more with me and i make it known i am here for him. In time could he potentially come around when it comes to us? Do guys change their mind about a girl if they learn that she's got his back? And is there for them?


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  • I do think it is possible that he could consider you a potential girlfriend. However, I suggest that you wait until his troubles have passed before approaching him on the matter. As you said, timing is everything.


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  • Nope. She just goes from being a friend to a good friend. He's not going to change his friend and you're foolish if you think he will