Being alone is all I know?

Is there anyone here who basically know what im talking about?
I've always been use to be being independant and being alone, so I've learned to enjoy it and crave it. I know how to keep myself entertained even though i am lonley.
I dont let people in often because im afraid that il get use to it and than when they leave ill be alone again. So i push them away before they get to push me away, often in dating.
I've become scared to date and get to know someone and so often it hasn't worked out. So i leave before i get left.
Being alone is what i know the best. Idont think ill ever be in a relationship and im not saying this to be melodramatic but i honestly think its the truth


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  • Yep I agree. I have many friends but don't keep em close to me cause I feel I'd become dependent on em for my happiness entertainment etc. some of us are born this way I guess. I'd suggest you keep one close friend though. cause you gotta at least have someone there to talk to, during depressing times. there are some things you can't tell your parents that have to be told to someone. there'd nothing wrong in liking being alone, but it also has its disadvantages


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  • Same here, I'm actually a bit afraid to go into a relationship, because all I know is being by myself, and I'm afraid that going into one might require me to change. I would also actually not know what to do in a relationship if I am ever in one.


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  • I feel you on this one. I used to be the same way.. you just have to open up yourself and be prepared to be rejected and heart broken.. its not that bad. you just move on to the next until you find a good fit for you. hope this helped