Basically I went to the pub a couple of months ago with my family and spotted a nice looking fella same age as me, and I went back today?

With my family and he was working there again, I asked for his number and he said he didn't know it off by heart, then I wrote my number on paper and he took it, could this mean anything?


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  • not trying to break your heart. I don't buy this "i don't know it by heart". We like in the technology era and he does not remember it by heart.
    unless he is one of those guys that lives without electricity and no kind of appliances, then it's something kind of wrong with him.
    You now just have to wait and see. If he does not call, you can go again and somehow remind him, in a joking manner that he didn't call. If he says "i forgot/i lost the piece of paper/ i tried and it gave me the busy tone" then it's time to move on.


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  • I guess you have to wait and see if he messages/calls you.