Someone likes me and I don't like him back. what should I do?

So there's this boy from my school who is in the same grade and this summer he texted me on Facebook and said i like you and he asked me out i was so surprised i never assomed him dont mean to be mean but he's ugly and fat im not attracted to him watsoever and never will be but when he asked me out i didn't respond because i was gonna say no but i didn't wanna tell him no that would break his heart now im in school and i see him around and i hide from him and act like i dont see him. What should I do i need good advice how do i let him down?

the person with the best advice i will follow you


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  • Do the old look listen you're a sweet guy and you will find your soul mate one day line it's an old trick, but it works lol he will get the message.

    • thanks sounds lika good idea

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    • Sorry I am not gonna be here that often I start my classes on the 19th. I don't wanna get your hopes up trust me there are people on here more knowledgeable than me Sparrow, willow4, Harakiri, WhiteSteve, Red Dragon they are pretty smart and nice people and more people as well.

    • ok thanks for being honest


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  • Just say no and apologize (or don't, you have no reason to but I feel like it lessens the blow when you say sorry). That's the only thing you can do to make it not so awkward. It's kinda not fair to him either, he deserves a straight answer instead of being left hanging like that. Just tell him no (politely and respectfully) so he can move on.

  • Sorry girly but you unless you change schools, you can't avoid him forever. Just go up to be and be nice and say, "you're nice and all but I don't like you like that"
    He'll understand.

  • so u should let him down easy tell him that your into someone else or tell him that there's another girl out there that likes him but your not it or u could go the scared girl way and get one of your friends to tell him that your not interested.. i hope this helps a lot

    • thanks i have so many good advice i dont know which one to chose have to see and wait if someone else has better advice thanks again channy

    • You just cracked me up transparent. I had the, "scared girl that got one of her friends to tell me," when I was in middle school. It worked. I was hurt of course, but there is no real easy way around that. No matter what rejection hurts. At least a little.

  • omg i had the same problem! tell me if you get any good advice!

  • i can help with that tell him he is ugly