She said that there was no spark or the spark faded away.

I recently got broken up with and she said that there was no spark or the spark faded away. We only dated for two months but I was really into her. Now I was under the impression that this "spark" had to do with sexual desire or attractiveness but she said neither or those was the problem. What else could it be?


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  • Sometimes its just a matter of compatibility. The difference between guys and girls is what we both consider the "spark." Since guys are more visual it usually means sexual desire/attractiveness. For girls its more a feeling we get when we're with you. It's so hard to explain but it's a mix of chemistry, love, companionship and sexual desire all wrapped in one. When a woman feels like she's getting the best of all worlds with a guy we call it the "spark." Seems like there may have been one of those things missing with your relationship. I know it must be tough so I wish you the best of luck!

    • Would not feeling like the woman in the relationship or feeling like the man can't support her or the man doesn't have a backbone count as one of those sparkss

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    • I like this so you are really helping me out, but the fact she went out with me does tha tmean there was spark, Why would she wait so long then

    • There may have been. But there may not have been too. For the same reason that guys will stay in a relationship for too long just for the sex, girls stay in relationships for the security/companionship. She may have thought you were a great guy and she felt comfortable around you. But that doesn't mean she felt the "spark." Some girls can get into relationships like that, but I can't.


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  • the spark is actually something that guys and girls use as an easy way to get out of a reliniship I'm sorry to say this but she's just saying this because she doesn't want to be with you and that's her easy way out.


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  • "spark" usually means that a woman is flighty and demands constant stimulation and excitement, yet doesn't think she's obligated to offer you anything substantial.

    my guess, from what you describe and from my experience with girls like this, is that you were stimulating and exciting for a few months. but then she gradually thought you were boring. not because you _are_ boring, but because she's easily bored. she's shallow and has nothing to offer, and she believes it's your duty to entertain her. she believes that relationships should be perpetually thrilling, and she's afraid of commitment.

    she probably does this every 2-4 months, no matter who she's dating.

    • But she's had relationships that lasted years, and I know for a fact that she was statisfied, I trying to find out if a spark is something other then sexual

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    • She had been single for a year, she dated other guys between me and her last relationship but noihtng "offical" you know

    • Maybe she got hurt in a relationship and has commitment-phobia now. I'm in a similar situation with a girl who tells me that we're a perfect match (and hundreds of other things) but won't date me because there's "no spark". This girl I'm having this experience with will hang out with a new guy ever 2 months or so, but for some reason, is constantly hanging out with me. At some point you have to cut your losses and let go, it sucks, I literally just did it 2 days ago. Best of luck!