I don't want to date again because I don't want to look like a fool for any woman anymore?

So all the women i meet even dated , they always flirt with other guys , they sometimes even cheat on me , or telling me they would leave certain guys because it makes me mad then they keep talking to them and tell me about it like nothing happened which is RUDE , or telling me she is busy then i see her with another guy , i cane from a family full of liars so its really hard for me to trust someone but when i trust someone i want the me to a fu*king reliable , i dont want anyone to someone one day i dont want even to hear that i want to know why each woman i date lie to me?


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  • It seems to me that you have some trust issues. I say before letting a women in your life, you should work on yourself. Learn who you are. Love who you are. Respect, trust and be glad that you are you. Take some interesting classes. Go for a run. Love yourself and once you do, love will eventually come to you because hapiness clinges on hapiness and trust clinges on trust. Once you put all this uneccessary weight (anger/depression perhaps/hopelessness) away, and you look at things from a positive perspective, people will notice that and women will want to be around you.


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  • You aren't good at reading people and telling who's trust worthy and who should be discarded. People will tell you exactly who they are what they want and if they will betray you all the time. Listen to their words and actions carefully.

  • Be glad they showed you their true selves before it is too late. There may be some nice girls you overlook who are friends now. The good friend girls are usually the best!

  • You didn't chose the right one ((: ... look for their inner beauty first...((;


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