Is it love? Even though we were never in a real relationship?

We have known eachother for 5 years now. We were never in a real official relationship but were seeing other twice and have hooked up many times. Any time he sees me he's always super flirty. He's told me many times he sees a future with me and said he plans on marrying me. He always asks jokingly love me or do you love me. He told me he likes me and always has a few months ago. Can we be in love eventhough we haven't actually been in a relationship? Does he genuinely love me


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  • Love is something that can creep on us from anywhere, You just have to look into his eyes when he says that he loves you, because if that "spark" is there, then it is love. Most guys have bland eyes when they say that they love you because it is possible that they might be saying it to other people too, but when they really mean it, there voice gets kinda changed and you can see it in their eyes, I mean, C'mon, you're the girl here xD, Activate your intuition center. Observe him, and if you still get that warm feeling when he tells you that he loves you then at least, you ARE in love (Most girls lose that feeling in 2-3 years in a relationship.. Most.. not all) :) Hope this helped.


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  • This quite confusing, within those 5 years has he had a girlfriend?

    • Yes, but he was talking to me during then and being super flirty with me while he dated her. I also had a boyfriend. This guy that I've known forever he would always get super jealous over my ex