I have everything going on for me, what's her deal?

i'm 29, investment banker, make above 750k-1m, depending on bounses, i'm very loyal when i date, probably because i was just a bookworm in school and never had anything to offer a girl but my love. women think i'm a good looking guy but in the past, they always seemed to give me an excuse not to date me, now my girls who rejected me from the past are finding a way to talk to me.

i met this girl, she is so sweet and shy, but i think she is very intimidated by me. i come off smooth and don't want her to think, i'm going to hurt her but i think she is scared of commitment with me. we went out a few times and girls came up to me and smiled and chatted with me but i made it clear i was with her.


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  • If she's shy, she might be very intimidated. Especially by the fact that other girls approached you during your date (s?). She might also not be all that attracted to you. Even if you have a lot of things going for you, it doesn't guarantee that she'll feel chemistry.

    • I think she is interested but doesn't know what to do in relationship. I don't think she ever had a bf.


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  • Try a date where there isn't attention from other women, where you two can just talk, show her that you just want her, and that you want to learn more about her.

    I would personally take her to a quiet restaurant, nothing too big and fancy.

    Hope this helps.

  • She could be intimidated, or she could just not be that into you.

  • Do not date any girls who rejected you in the past if you have any self respect. The only reason they wanna date you now is because of how much money you are making.

    Keep talking to this shy girl and take things slow with her. Forget the golddiggers who rejected you in the past or the other random girls who are just coming to you now because of how much you're making.

  • Are you interesting? Or boring?
    Is she really intimidated, or is she just weighing up the pros and cons of dating a rich boring guy and you're not quite making the cut?

    • Yeah, reminds me of a couple in a restaurant I saw a few tables away, the guy was bragging about his knowledge to his parents; how to save more money, how to make more investments, money here money there. In a volume that could not be not overheard. His women was saying next to nothing, not sure if the parents were interested in the topic as I didn't hear them talking either.
      You may think you have interesting things to say, but to others you may seem boring.

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    • @bubble_tea i don't know how my question reminds you of a completely different situation. i don't advise people how to save money, that is a financial advisor which is totally different than i do. you come off as a trill @bubblue0tee

    • troll*