How should I proceed with a girl I like but have never actually had a proper conversation with?

In quite sure she likes me and I need to do something because I won't get a chance to see her anymore "accidentally" if you know what' I mean.


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  • If you work together or somehow know each other just go up and say hi how are you. And ask what she been up to etc. I don't know hpw wel you knoe each other tho.

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    • Then once she gives it to you text her in a day or so and just keep talking to her every so often

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  • Just strike up a convo with her. Maybe ask her for her number to keep in touch...

    • I don't know how to get a girls number. I've never done it before.

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    • Really? You mean just say can I have your number? That seems really direct and invading her privacy.

    • I also want to just be friends with her for now.

  • Grind on her lol

    • That's not going to achieve much lol.

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