She has never been in a relationship and I'm not sure how she feels about me?

We are both 19 and she's never been in a committed relationship. I've been friends with this girl for about 1 year and a half, about 4 months ago we lost contact due to me having family issues so I distanced myself from everyone. We both attend the same school but currently live 1 hour away from each other due to vacation.

About 4 months ago she contacted me telling me she missed me and wanted me to visit her, so I did, we talked for hours and that was it. We both left school back home but we kept in contact, we would text occasionally at night etc. Throughout this summer we made the effort to see each other a few times and hang out despite our busy schedules and being 1 hour away and keep in touch periodically.

Last week I called her after visiting her and told her I would like to take her out to dinner before she left on a small family trip, she told me she could but not until she returned (2 weeks) I told her I would honestly rather see her before she left instead of after because I know we would be extremely busy, and I didn't want to lose my chance with her. We sorta left it at that since I didn't want to seem pushy.

It bothered me for a few days and i should have specified I wanted to take her on a date. So I talked to her a few days after and told her "I'm not sure if I was specific and how you took it but I want to take you on a date when you return" she told me yes that that was fine, when she returned. I texted her the following day asking her when she returned and I never got a response, it left me thinking why she never responded but I went on with my life. This past weekend she attended a concert and I told her to have fun, she replied saying thank you etc.

So I'm here now stuck, do I wait for her to bring up this "so called" date or should I contact her prior other leaving? She isn't a shy girl but I'm simply getting mixed signals, can't tell if she actually truly has any interest in me? The last thing I want to do is seem pushy.


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  • I think if you text her about just normal things and then just ask her "oh and I was wondering when you get back from vacation so I can make dinner reservations"

  • When she gets back, just ask her where she might wanna go on your date.


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  • Wait for her… You will definitely turn her off by seeming needy. Just play it cool and act like its not a big deal. She will eventually come around. If she slips away and feels like she doesn't care about the date at all, or is avoiding you, then she probably doesn't like you and is just trying to put you in the friendzone.