Why did this girl say that 30 or older is the prime for guys?

this is what she said to me "You're a guy.. there are many guys out there that haven't been in a relationship or just aren't interested in it. 30 years or older is the prime for guys, but for girls it's a different story... older guys get younger girls.. that's usually the case."

Why is that usually the god damn fuckin' case? is it wrong that i hate, despise, loathe reality for being the way it is? it pisses me off so god damn much i feel like hurting somebody?

Because me being a guy, i hate how i don't get to enjoy my youth the way girls do, because after all girls are valued for their youth far more than guys are, girls just have to be young and just exist, work on their physical appearence thats all god damn it.

Guys have to have status, be very social and outgoing, have a big social circle, be popular or cocky in a funny kind of way, be very confident, have a life, be a leader instead of a follower, they have to be a winner or just have a winner mentality, have their shit together, have a career, stability, etc.

Because me personally i'm not looking forward to my 30's, this is why: "I see twenty something couples everywhere. I see a twenty something guy with a nice twentyish young women. I think those years slipped right by for me. Why should I continue another 20+ years alone?"

Thats why, because i didn't get the right amount of experience in my teens and 20's that most guys get, so thats why i don't care if guys supposedly age like wine.

honestly i hate the fuckin' bitch with a huge passion for what she said me right there, how fuckin' dare you try to cheer me up you bitch!!!, ya even if your dating/sexual market value decreases as you get older, you probably had a very fun youth
meanwhile me being a guy i didn't because i didn't get laid, didn't have a girlfriend, meanwhile you a girl, don't have to take god damn fuckin' responsibility and don't have to do god damn shit about it for anything since you can be passive


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  • Girls that young who rule out guys their age and search for guys 30+ are searching for a new father and view their role in a relationship as a daughter. But just being in the 30's isn't enough. We got plenty of bums in their 30's who have no job and play video games 8+ hours a day.

    Those girls don't want those guys. They want the guys who have a house, a car, and a high paying job so they can fuck their way in and mooch off of him. Suddenly all her clothes, toothbrush, combs, and stuff are all in his place and he doesn't mind because she keeps fucking him. That's all it really is. These types of girls described are just finding guys who are already established so they don't have to work hard anymore. There's girls online who outright state that they wish to give up their studies and just be a stay-at-home-mom. So they're just looking for these older guys so they can stop "working hard" and take it easy.

    These girls described don't see guys as human beings. These are girls to be avoided as they'll be the ones to fake being on birth control to get pregnant and force the guy into a relationship he may not want to be in.

    Find girls who have character. A lot of girls were raised a lot better than the types of girls your friend is describing.


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  • It's not the age, it's the attitude that some guys have that set them apart from others. If a guy seems like he's done with the game-playing, girl-chasing, sitting around in mom and dad's basement playing video games, working at Burger King, and doing all the things that girls associate with not being serious about anything, then it will put her off. This could be a guy at any age. The thing is, we have used the 20s as seeming like it's just an extension of one's teen years. More and more, people in their 20s aren't leaving home and are still in school, and not really experiencing an independent life as an adult with ambition. Women like confidence and a man who seems like he's worked hard at what he's got and learned from mistakes from past relationships. What age he happens to be to be that guy is always different. I met some 23 year old guys who had more on the ball than some in their 40s.

    I think what this girl told you is a bit of a mistake when she put an age on her comment, but she is making a point if you can take that aspect away and consider that what she's saying is women like men, not boys. If a guy can stand on his own two feet and seem like he's his own man in this world and doesn't need to impress others by having a lot of women around and flaunting his cash but is secure and has a good attitude and is fun to talk to, then women will flock to a guy like this. He could be any age, really.

    • why is maturity so powerfully attractive to women?

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    • luckily for women they don't need to have their life sorted out or have their shit together, that doesn't really affect their sexual desirability

    • Yeah - that aspect has HURT me in finding a man. I have always been employed, able to live alone (and have most of my adult life), been responsible, had money, always had a working vehicle, and I have been passed over for women who have nothing. How does that work? I was actually told by a guy once that men are intimidated by women who have their shit together because they don't feel like they have anything to offer the woman. Another man I dated for a few months confessed to me (yes, he was sober), "I need a girl with problems." Is that sexy or something? Do I need to dumb myself down and look needy for a man to pick me up and whisk me off feeling like he's saving me? I never thought what I was like was actually a problem for men. Oh well.

  • I don't think that's true. When I was 26 or at least in my 20s, I dated men that were my age or around there. You'd think that age = maturity or wisdom but it so very often depends my dear. Just please stop whinning.

    Generally yes older equals more mature but it really depends on the person/guy. I dated someone recently that was in his 30s (31) VERY immature. I don't want to go into detail but men 17 and younger would have probably handled the situation better.

    • yes but it is very common for women in their 20's to date men in their 30's and 40's

  • Obviously this is just my interpretation of what she meant.
    But i think what she's talking about is how guys think about settling down later in life than women do. Most young guys don't want to rush to get married (at least that's the stereotype) and young girls supposedly just want to be in serious relationships (another stereotype). That's all, it's kind of a standard comment or way of thinking.
    Doesn't mean it's true though. People are snowflakes after all:)
    I think there's a lot f pressure on guys to be all the things you mentioned, and it's not necessarily coming from girls but from other guys. It might be because of the internet, there's so much different advise being given, about what you need to be like etc, that it all blurs into one and it becomes this overwhelming thing.
    The way i see it, in your twenties you only have to learn to be one thing: yourself.
    If you're more introverted, you need to accept that about yourself and find your strengths in that. Don't try to be what other people want you to be, cause most of the time those other people don't have their shit together either. In fact I'm pretty sure that everyone in their twenties has at least one aspect of their lives where they have no f*cking clue as to what they're doing. Everyone. Some people just hide it better then others, but that doesn't mean it's not there.
    You might see a really confident cocky guy who chats easily to all the girls, but that doesn't mean he's never been rejected, or had his heart broken, or even been in love. That doesn't mean he's got his life figured out.
    The image does not make the man.
    You just have to stop comparing yourself to other people, it's not a race. And most people who act like that girl and think they know everything (who are that young) are total idiots.

    • why is it not a race? why is it never too late?

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    • Still I'm older than 23 and feel too old, I'm 26

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  • Lol, quit whining, bro. Maybe you need to be more confident and more of a douche to get the girls. Seriously, brah, as you said early in your statements, a lot of girls think young dudes are immature and not able to offer a steady relationship, plus young guys don't have as much money as an older dude. Let's face it, brah, a lot of dudes our age are "boys". I'll admit I'm more boy than man, though I'm all man physically.

  • I'm 38. Back when In my early twenties I was drunk 2-3 days a week, screwing random women once a week, getting up at 12 pm, out of shape, stinky breath because of we*d and such, always had a headache, an inch+ shorter in both uknowwhat length and thickness, couldn't screw for crap always going early and before her, thought I was God's gift to women and was an arrogant punk who is lucky I didn't get killed. Now I'm 38. I can get a woman off without even pulling down my pants and when they come off I can last as long as she wants, only drink 3 or 4 times a year, get up at 8 am, know how to screw but realize other people can screw better and avoid fights... I also have a house, car, a business and my breath smells so much better. You do the math.

    • i'm guessing at your age you still go after women in their 20's?

    • Nope.. I would have a hard time accepting a woman under 30. That's not my thing. Young women are too easy, too emotional and too clingy.

  • Did you really get upset over some random chick's personal opinion? Come on man, she's not freaking bloody Mary and you're not a protestant. Her opinion can't kill you. If you're mature and a good man, who cars your age? She can stick her opinion back where it came from.

    • ya it's just i hate how she tried to give me reassurance right here, even if she says that men get more attractive as they age, i don't like it, i don't embrace it because me being a guy i hate being valued for my maturity, job, career, occupation, self-sufficiency, etc.

  • i hate women for being like this

  • I'm pretty confident 30's will be the prime for me. I'm not sure why that girl said that to you though.

    • why? because of money?

  • A lot of girls think young guys are an emotional mess. And look at you :
    "is it wrong that i hate, despise, loathe reality for being the way it is? it pisses me off so god damn much i feel like hurting somebody?"

    You sound pathetic. No girl is going to be interested in dating such an emotionally immature time bomb.

    • duh of course, it's not rocket science