Is playing sports a good idea for a date?

Do you think playing sports like Badminton or Tennis is a good idea for a date that is like the 10th date or so?

We're already done fairly standard things like movies, the library, shopping, watching downloaded tv shows together, going to an art gallery. I don't feel too happy about doing the same things over again, so I'm thinking playing sports can be a good filler in the meantime.

About our relationship level: we're comfortable being in each other's personal space, like say lightly touching each others' arms. But we're not yet comfortable with hugging or putting hands around the waist.


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  • If she can play those sports or is a quick learner, it should be fun.
    If she's not, it will get frustrating pretty fast, because you will spend more time picking up the ball than actually playing the sport or worse, she even misses the ball with her racket. I've seen it in my class.. funny, cuz we were all girls, but probably awkward if she wants to impress you (something every girl who likes you would want to). Also, girls who run and do yoga and stuff aren't necessarily good at racket games.

    Why don't you start with easier things, like mini-golf, where you can test her eyes-arms coordination first ;)

    • o. o THAT is true. I never actually considered that... I'll probably ask her if she can play before deciding, thanks!

      Mini-golf is lol. But it's a good idea. ;)

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    • We coined our own terms. We defined "going out/hanging out" as "we seriously have no idea what we're doing lol". It was a long period of vague, awkward outings that strongly resembled first dates or blind dates, except we kept doing it for one whole year, and we were too shy to confess. :p

      Then, we called "dating" as being romantically interested in each other and actively going out on a regular basis. And of course, finally getting the guts to admit we liked each other.

      We still haven't figured out what we want to call the next stage, but we have vaguely labelled it as the bf/gf stage for now. We call it "supposedly know that we want to be together for life", or something like that. It's vague lol.

      Of course this was all totally me and my girl's own interpretation, being clueless as we are. The more common definition is the one you just said, more or less. Most people call hanging out as in casual friends, whereas dating is the romantic form of hanging out.

    • oic, I guess hanging out technically means you do something with another person without being romantically interested, but in reality, I think most people say hang out but are romantically interested, but just don't wanna admit it (to the other person).

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  • YES! :) If she is that type of girl of course and doesn't mind you seeing her work up a little sweat lol.

    • lol it's just sweat. we'll hit the showers afterwards then I can smell her shampoo lol.

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    • NOOO I don't mean that lol. We're hardly that intimate. I mean like... different gender lockers and shower rooms. XD

    • Hahaha. Woah there, talk about me "jumping the gun"... lol Alright well that will still be nice lol.

  • It really depends on whether or not she's athletic. From past activities it doesn't seem like it, but I could be fooled.

    • She's not atheletic, but she does some dancing.

  • Wouldn't be anything for me, but if the girl likes it, then i think its a good idea.

  • If she's into sports then it's a good idea

  • Yeah I think it'd be really fun :D

    • yups! sports is fun. :)

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  • sure that could be fun

    • thanks for your comments

    • sorry if it was brief, but I didn't think a lot was needed to explain. I think it sounds like a fun activity and a variation from the normal dinner, movie date

  • yeah its a good idea. definitely different and you want to change things up so go for it!

  • No
    A date means two people together doing something they both like that is non-physical and yet enjoyable.
    as Sports is physical, I wouldn't take my other half out for a sports date.
    after all dating means sharing all that each person has. Be it hapiness, difficulties or problems etc.
    to go on a date is to sit down side by side or facing each other in a romantic way in which both of you are comfortable to converse about literally any BUT your exes.
    Therefore, if you take physical activity as a date, not only would she see you as not wanting to spend time with her, but to fight with her over small matters. Thus, decreasing the amount of affection she has for you which might lead to eventual breakup.

    • I don't mean a sports date as in watching sports. I meant it more like playing sports. :)

  • Heck Yeah !! UFC style "Ultimate Fight" can be very romantic.

    • uhhhhhhhh lol? But I do have my own version of it haha. If I brought my girl to a breakdancer's fight arena, she'd totally love it to bits, cause she breaks every alternate day at night. Me not so much.

    • Enjoy. :)

    • But seriously, I think laps in a pool can be nice.

  • One of my friends had a guy bring her on a sporting date. It was for couple self defence... and she accidentally kicked him in the "boy part"... needless to say there never was a 2nd date...

    • ... couple self defense on the 1st date? That's really premature lol.

    • She needed a partner and he was willing...

    • I see... that cant' be helped then. :( Pretty bad luck there.