Does it go with out saying? What do you think about this?

I really like this man we have been seeing each other for nearly a year after we met online. But I can't work out if he really likes me or has feelings for me? He lives nearly 3 hours away and he's always driven to me I've never driven to see him. I'm a feisty sort and he said he sort of likes that side to me :/ I did lose my temper with him the other night when he said he couldn't come see me , I felt let down so we argued over text I called him horrible names eg.. I can't believe I let you touch me , I regret meeting you , told him to F off !! And lots more things :( he told me he couldn't make it because he had no money to come see me then after he said he will ask his brother to lend him the money which he did and he did come and see me in the end. Sex is amazing and he always takes time to pleasure me he likes me to feel satisfied , he says he likes me and cares we have a good friendship to feels like I've known him for years we get on well we are so a like it's scary !! I just can't work out if he has feelings for me? I've never met a man like him and I have never felt so happy sexually ! He makes me feel confident in bed which I lacked with past bf I feel I can be myself and he accepts this , I don't love him but I do care for him , he says he can't show his emotions so he's hard to read , does it go with out saying? I do have feelings but not in love but what is love? Never found it or have I?


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  • By the details of your post alone, I can't ascertain whether he is in love with you not, but based purely on his efforts alone, I sincerely believe the guy cares about you. I mean it takes a dollar amount to travel consistently to see someone, frankly. And this guys drives three hours to and three hours from, and when his resources are limited, he goes in debt just to satisfy you.

    In this case, it goes without saying, indeed.


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  • You got mad at him for having no money to come see you. In order to keep you happy he had to ask someone else for help. If he didn't like you, I doubt he would do that. And then there is the fact that he has to drive 3 long hours just to see you and please you sexually. Seems like he is in to you, girl :)