After "good morning" texts from SO would you carry conversation? or just say "good morning"?

Normally this girl would respond with "good morning" and continue some sort of conversation. Now it's just "good morning" and that's it. Doesn't want to talk anymore? Don't want to appear too clingy and such etc.


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  • depends on how im feeling that morning lol. I'm not a morning person so sometimes i'm really not in the mood to put in the effort to have a whole conversation. It's possible that before she would try to have a conversation because she was really trying to flirt with you and show she was interested, but now she feels it's not as importnt since you already know she likes you...

    • how would i distinguish that feeling vs. lack of interest?

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    • it's totally possible she's just getting lazy with communication. See how it is when she comes back. If she's still cold, something might be up

    • I'll hope for the best...


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  • Wouldn't that start a conversation - I think it will -depends if you say something after that or if she continues the conversation

  • I sometimes just say good morning and i sometimes continue it, it depends on whether i have more to say

  • If it's a "good morning :)" or "good morning baby" then she's opening up the conversation. If it's a straight up "good morning." she's just responding because she has to and seems like she doesn't want anymore lol

    • so I should just leave her be then?

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    • If I get a good morning text from a guy I like, I'll say a lot more than just "good morning" back.

    • hmmm she has been a little cold lately so I don't know

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