I want to start dating again but I can't keep convos via txt... help!

I had my heart broken and I generally lost interest in trying to talk to other girls for a long time. But recently I feel like im ready to go out and meet girls. But Im not sure what to say anymore to keep a convo going. I've met some girls and we text but im not sure how to keep things interesting through text messages. Any suggestions or ideas?


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  • Texting is usually meant for short term talking like, "Wanna meet for coffee" and THEN you go keep the convo going. I'd hardly use texting as a means to communicate deeply. People do take so much heart in to texting so I can see why everyone feels if they don't do it right, either by answering in a moment or saying the right thing in good time, people question everything. But if you start your texting habit with someone as a means to schedule a voice chat or meet up, then it won't be such a headache trying to figure out how to do all your communicating this way and the girl (s) you talk to will quickly learn that about you and come to expect that you don't text well, and would rather see the girl in person or talk on the phone.


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  • be yourself, yourself should be interesting in itself and you can't be the only one to hold up a conversation maybe these women are boring