How do I manage the new changes in my life since my boyfriend moved away to college and I am a senior in high school?

We have been dating for over a year and we are 100% staying together. I don't have any doubts about our relationship lasting and staying strong but I am worried about myself. He is moving on and heading on new adventures and I am stuck in the same place doing the same thing. I don't have a great relationship with my family. We did everything together and since I am a senior there is a lot of stuff that I experienced with him but he won't experience with me. I want all the best for him and I want him to enjoy every moment of college but how am I supposed to be excited when I talk to him when all that I want to do is cry that he is away. HELP!


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  • From my experience, as a person in college. A relationship like the one you're describing is "hard and difficult" to maintain. But I have seen successful ones as well

    My personal advice would just be to contact him and call him when you can. Visit him when you can (depending on how far away it might be difficult but I am sure you could find a way) and try to stay connected to him. Ask him how its going, be supportive of him as he is in a new and unfamiliar place.

    Despite this though, your "MAIN" priority should be on your own life and education. Have your own goals and life. If you are a senior in high school then you need to be focused on yourself not him, most of the time. You're still very young, that's not "bad". But crying about him isn't a good solution. Unless you're engaged or married then this guy isn't your life, not trying to be cynical but you need to focus on your on life to.
    And your boyfriend should be doing the same, he should be trying to focus on college. But the best way to stay connected is just to communicate with him and be supportive of the new journey he is on.

    Good Luck to both of you though, : )


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  • Never make him feel tied down, especially because of your age... it'll only upset him


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  • This is a down side of having a relationship with two different ages. He's going to be ahead and do a lot of things before you.

    Just trust him and try and except the fact that he will have those experiences and you will have yours.