Help? Is this someones way of telling you to back off? Advice please?

I asked this guy that i'm seeing what he's doing in a couple of days and he said that's he's hanging out with friends and has basketball practice then asked what i'm doing. I wanted to hang out with him, do you think him already replying with his plans is his way of telling me to back off?


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  • He was just telling you what he's doing. This is when you say something like "Oh. You are busy. Was hoping we could get together or something." I don't know if other guys are the same but I'll always make room in my schedule for a girl I like. If he doesn't he'll still know that you want to hang out with him and maybe try to make plans with you some other day. Good luck. Give it a shot and see what happens.


What Girls Said 1

  • You asked him a question and he gave you a supposedly honest answer. There is no reason for you to think that just because he already had plans when you asked this question that that means he's saying "BACK OFF" (unless there is a past between you two where you did something awful to him and he said he doesn't want to see you or something of that sort). But if this is just some guy you want to get to know and if you want to ask to hang out phrase the question as "when are you free?"