Is this considered flirting?

My crush always hits me, and I hit her back, and this goes on forever. We even pinched each other, hit, and once she was purposely blocking my way, i tried pushing past, i suddenly felt a pair of arms wrapped around me. Its like a back hug, and i know for sure it was her. It was one of the happiest day of my life. Our fights, we had a lot of physical contact with her, and always there's a smile on both of our faces. But i once said that playing with her is very tiring then she said "this is playing?" then i immediately correct myself and say "fighting". So she refers this as a fight and i refer this as play fight. In a third person point of view, is this considered flirting?


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  • Definitely. For the same reason you already said, it makes you feel good to have this physical close contact with her. Now don't just rest on your laurels. You have to escalate it a little. And by that, I don't mean give her a concussion.

    Maybe the next time you have her pinned and your faces are close together, steal a quick kiss. Make it cheeky. Don't ask for permission. Play on the fact that she's "trapped" and "can't stop you".


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  • Yes flirting.. same reason people tickle eachother... an excuse to touch

  • Yup, she is flirting


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  • yeah thats pretty classic flirting, it's her away of getting to touch you, i know that sounds kind of strange but its true!