Why would a guy take a girl on a "get to know you" date?

So I like a friend of mine, and an older couple who we both know is convinced he likes me. Mrs. Moran heard it from a reliable source and Mr. Moran says that Andrew perks up when I'm around. One Sunday I was talking to my friend and his mom and him exchanged a look which made me think that she knows he likes me. (Maybe Mrs. Moran's reliable source?)
So on Facebook yesterday she posted a link to his page about a classical concert comin to the area and she said "Now this would be a good "get to know you" concert" The following comments made it sound like this would be in context of a date.
Andrew is 26, a geek, very conservative, and has never had a girlfriend which as Mr. Moran said, he may go about this girlfriend thing backwards.
Assuming he IS interested in me, what does a "get to know you" concert mean?
Andrew and I have only hung out in church. Does he want to take me out and get to know me outside of the church setting?


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  • Get to know you means just that he wants to get to know you. That's the whole point of a date. Two people who don't know each other too well, meet up and socialise together.


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  • The couple wants you to be friends, which would lead to dating in the long run

  • His mother posted that to his wall? Haha sounds like she knows he's a little too shy.


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  • You answered your own question in the title itself...
    It means that it is a date where he can "get to know you".

    Simple as that.