What the hell does he want?

my ex has taken to calling me late at night, at like 2:30 am, and then also at like 10-10:30. I'm not answering him, we haven't talked in months, and we had a really and break up. why is he calling at such disrespectful hours when he knows that will make me mad?

so even though we had a terrible break up he thinks i'll come over at 2:30 am to have sex with him?
he's also texted me what's up at like 10, has called like 4-5 times now


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  • If he's ONLY calling you at wee hours of the morning, it's a booty call... however, the girl I currently like, works at a bar, and I know she doesn't at least get home until 3 (lives a half hour from where she works). So why should I call then? Well, when she's not working, she's sleeping. So, I try her after work, it's really the only good time

    • he has called at 3 pm, 2 am, 10:30 pm and texted hey whats up, and then again last night at 2 am

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    • OK, I'm done with the question

    • fine with me

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  • he probably wants sex. Usually when a guy calls his ex, the reason is probably sex. At 2 in the morning, the answer is definitely sex.

    • that's really it? I even told him to never call me for that.

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    • I don't get it? you mean he just wouldn't listen to me?

    • he listens, but he doesn't understand.

  • He wants the V.

  • Is he loaded when he calls?

    Change your # and or see if you can have his # blocked.

    • I've never picked up any of the calls or answered the text asking me hey whats up. Thing thing is, I do want to talk to him, but he's calling at such weird hours I just feel disrespected. especially since I specifically told him not to call me if he was drunk and wanted to fuck.

  • He wants the V and prolly gonna get it. In b4 Noidontlovemyexassbf

    • what makes you think he's going to get it? he;s being a dick

    • Clearly he is gettin it. Its clearerthanpamsiplantsyouguys. If it was really "over" you would have not given a shit about this

    • it's over if all he wants is sex, ya

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  • I always find that with an 'EX' X Marks their Spot And some----Well known territory.
    He Probably wants to get together for a little of the lovin' and for some old times, and if he gets your permission, I think there would be 'More good times' where that came from.
    He most likely too wants a friends with benefits thing, for for now I don't think he wants to hook up Nor be hooked at the hip, but yes, I Do think he misses the kisses, feels comfy with you, and if he had it His way, You'd be his First Choice to be with for the cozy nook nocturnal.
    Good luck. xx

    • I just don't understand why he has to call so late

    • Probably thinks it's time to---Go to sleep, if you get my drift... xx