Opinions on College Relationships?

My boyfriend is leaving for college soon and I keep bringing up the option of staying together vs. going back to friends. He is completely against going back to friends for some reason and really wants to try and work with our relationship as he goes through college.



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  • Very, very hard!!! Are you guys the same age? If he is going to college and you are staying, it makes it really tough because all of a sudden you're surrounded by all these older women and it's all new. I had a GF when I left for school. I wanted to make it work, but I knew I couldn't and I didn't want to cheat on her, so I broke up with her. It was only fair to do. It is damn near impossible unless you are going to the same school and can see each other all the time. Look at it this way, at least if you break it off before something happens where one person is mad at the other, if it's meant to be, you guys could run into each other again in the future.


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  • Sounds like maybe he likes the title of having a girlfriend. He knows he's going to miss other women, older, at college, and I thin for right now he just wants to stay, until he does, it's inevitable


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  • As long as you two aren't paranoid about each other going out with other people it should be fine. Just know that he won't have time for you and you should take a back seat to school. School makes people stressed and being in a long distance relationship can make you stressed too.