Should I look for some random girl I like to get to know, or wait till one finds me?

At school, should I look for girls i like that I don't know, or should I get to know girls i already know even better. I hate being single, and I want to be in a relationship


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  • Look. Most girls will not make the first move. They may flirt but that is it and often guy don't pick up on our signals or interpret them wrong.


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  • no don't try to just go out and find someone it takes time to find the right one sweetie u don't wanna hook up or meet random people because they may not be the right person for you they could hurt you and you haven't had the chance to get to know them and they could have a sexual transmitted disease u need to know someone more before u just jump into a relationship with them unless u have had time to talk with the person plus some people are crazy just focus on yourself until the right person finds you and be open to anyone who likes you because u never know u might end up liking them for liking u for u

    • Barely any girl at my school is going to have an STD, and besides I want a girl to lose my virginity with, so we are both virgins, and its not like ill be asking around for sex, I just want a girlfriend

    • true just still be careful some people are crazy and not as nice as they seem or out for good hun and u will find a girlfriend it will just take time unless u do like someone then tell them

  • You need to take initiative

    • That doesn't answer my question

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