Should I contact this girl that I dated for a month after 3 months of zero contact?

We went on 3 dates and she was really into me but I wasn't sure if I liked her or not so we didn't even have a first kiss. She's really shy around me and I could tell she was really disappointed when I didn't kiss her on the third date. After that I just kind of stopped talking to her and she didn't try texting or calling me but she was really submissive so I had to initiate everything. She thought I was a player before but I never made a move on her on any of our dates so I don't know what she thinks now.

Girls what would you do if you were in her situation and you just got a text from me?


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  • After only three dates and knowing you for one month, I probably wouldn't respond. Unless if I think I really liked you. But the fact that you disappeared and obviously showed no signs of interest, I would just move on to the next guy.

    You could give it a shot if you really like her.

    what are your motives for wanting to contact her anyway? Only do it if you are genuine

    • I had a dream about her and I

    • really regretted not kissing her. So I just want to see if there might be something between us.

    • you can give it a shot and contact her. there's nothing to lose.

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  • If you like her and you really want to make it work it best you go for it. isn't better to try then to wonder about it.

    But she may wonder why all of a sudden you want to talk. She may just respond and she may not but take te change of she someone you really want. That what relationships are risks.

  • she'll respond but will be standoffish at first because she won't trust you. But if she really liked you before, she'll secretly be happy to hear from you.

    • Do you think she would have tried to get in touch with me if she was interested or maybe she didn't want to come off as desperate or needy since she thought I was a player?

    • if she wasn't so shy, yeah she might of casually tried to get in touch with you. But since you said she shy, probably not. Also, nobody wants to come off desperate or needy. You already rejected her, so she had not reason to contact you. And yes, if she thought you were a player, she'd be very confused and hurt thinking "damn, not even a player wants me" lol Not really but you get the point. Now she is just probably confused as hell as to why you're contacting her. But she will also be excited to find out why. What changed your mind about her? Are you a player? Or were you just trying to prove to her that you weren't one?

  • If you like her and if you're thinking about her then message her! I'd be surprised if I were the girl, after three months, but hey maybe she's been thinking about you this whole time too and just waiting for you to message

    • Do you think she wasn't that interested since she never initiated texts or do you think she just didn't want to come off as desperate or needy since she thought I was a player. She was always down to do whatever I wanted to do so I think she's just one of those traditional girls that just wants the man to take control. But I honestly dont know

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  • I doubt she'd be very happy about it but if she doesn't initiate texts then it's her fault... If she's shy and likes you she would probably be up for another date.

    • Yeah she never really initiated anything. Even on our dates she was always down to do whatever I wanted to do. I actually think that is really sexy in a girl but wouldn't she have tried to get in touch with me if she really liked me. Or maybe she thought I would blow her off.