Is anybody else having trouble getting a job? Too poor to go on a date?

I have a bachelors and masters degree.
I am looking at jobs that high schoolers have. I dont get it. Is this economy really that shitty?

Is there anyone else here in the same boat?

And dating wise, is there anybody else too poor to go on a date? Can't even afford the gas...


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  • It depends on your area. There are no shortage of jobs in my area, and I only have a high school diploma. In fact some places just dropped their standards and don't even require a high school diploma, or GED anymore. They still can't find enough people willing to work for a living. I am currently working two jobs, and both employers are having a hard time finding anyone.


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  • I work two jobs while I'm in grad school... maybe it's where you are located that could make a difference... but I've never had a problem getting a job. You could always make your own job and work for yourself.

  • I'm in high school and I can't even find a job. And you can't be too poor to go on a date. Go on a date to the park or something like that (if gas isn't an issue but then again no job, no money, no gas) D:


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