Need advice if I should stay or I should go?

I recently began dating a guy, I've only met him once and we've been dating for close to two months. I've made plans with him but they always get canceled by him, he wants to see me this Saturday but things are going on With his work apparently and he is short on cash so he had an idea to get a hotel, I offered to pay at first but he expects me to pay for everything; hotel, food, even paying his friend to drive him to the hotel (he lives about thirty minutes away) I think it's a little much to ask of me, my question is, do I pay? Or do I just say goodbye? It seems like I'll never see him again.


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  • Whether or not the girl paying is unacceptable (it's not - if she's making more than him, why not?), that sounds like a bad situation to be in. Unless you're swimming in money and don't mind paying all of it with no expectation that the relationship will go anywhere. If you are okay, go have fun! (Remember, tho, that just because you pay for dinner doesn't mean he has to put out)

    If you're going to be dating a guy with very little money, date someone close by, where you can do more low cost things together without incurring major expenses. Covering the costs of dates is one thing... laying out buckets of money is another...

    I'd say the same were the genders reversed, btw.

    • He makes more then I do apparently, I don't have a job but have money saved up. But his work always gets "pushed back"

    • >_>

      What kind of work is that? And it doesn't sound like he's making more than you atm...


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  • I would say bye and run away. If he cared about you at all he wouldn't put everything on you. Move on to someone better. He doesn't seem worth anything.

  • what the hell girl? Paying for everything is unacceptable! Just leave it.

  • Depends, if you want to have a one night stand and have spare cash go for it. Otherwise say tough **** and good bye.


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