GUYS... Can a man fall in love in a 2 weeks?

I've been dating this guy for two week. We knew each other in our teenage years but not that well. Now for the past 2 weeks we have been talking on the phone all night. I am an upfront person that says whats in my mind an he says he likes that and he says he knows im an honest/loyal/trustworthy woman and he is starting to fall in love with me. Last night he woke me up after 3am because he couldnt sleep and told me he is falling in love with me and it has nothing to do with sex an to prove it he is willing to wait how ever long i want that is when i asked him if sex has anything to do with how he is feeling. Can this be love? When we talk on the phone we are both so jolly and laughing at each others jokes that aren't even that funny. I won't say i love him yet but is he lying to me or is he for real?


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  • If you've never fought with the person, you ain't never been in love.

    • lol we have never fought yet but he got angry when he saw me on my phone with my ex and i ignored his call we talked about it though didn't fight or argue lol

    • You ain't never been in love then.

    • lol i was in love once before was is a 6 year relationship. I dont love this guy though. He told me he is starting to fall in love and was wondering if he was for real.


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  • I liked my wife before we married. I knew I wanted to marry her the first time our skin touched. I grew to love her by the things we did for each other. I know now that it was not love at first touch in my case but a desire to want to be with her. And that desire has never gone away. So could he feel something yes but let me also say one other thing saying "I love you" also is saying open your legs please to a lot of guys.

  • He don't know what love is. But everyone does learn eventually.

  • No. And any guy who says that, is either dumb and inexperienced, or trying on a line on a girl who he doesn't respect.

    • ok that is what i was thinking because it took about a year for my ex and i to say i love you

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