So I am talking to this girl from last 4 months still dont know whats the truth?

I remember we are regularly talking from month of April on google chat, we have almost talked on everything which of course includes sex also, she said she's from new york and studying in columbia university, also sent many pics of her, she is 20, just a week before i said i love you and she said love you too back, but still i asked her cell number twice she didn't give it and hesitated, i just dont know whats truth is she really interested in me and wants to marry or she's just playing a game with me but whenever i ask her that she says she's real and seriously not playing game


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  • Did you talk or saw her like in Skype or video call? you should verify first if she is really real... I was just thinking that if she is real, seriously interested in you, she would give her cell number to you... You can conclude everything if you meet each other in person, then from there, you are able to know the truth and if there's still "feelings" and "attraction" between both of you...


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  • You're in India, she's in NYC? It's not going to work out in the long run.