Keeps sending one word messages but keeps initiating what should I do?

So my ex who has tried several times to get me back and just gets more and more confusing each time. This time she has started this pattern of sending one word text. But here's the catch she's the one that initiates, I don't talk to her for a few weeks because hey she doesn't want to talk to me obviously and all she sends is hey. Literally every time she texted me it's always just one word. One word replies too just one word. But I disappear and here she comes texting me again but it's always just one word. I want to either figure out how to get her to stop or get rid of her for good. I like the girl and that first year we had a storybook relationship but seriously she just makes no sense to me anymore


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  • If you want to get back together you need to tell her how you feel. She's waiting for you to want her. If you don't them tell her. You'll be doing this for awhile if you don't tell her what you're feeling.


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  • She never did this before? Do one words and see if she realizes she's being an idiot?


    • Can't I stop texting whenever people start sending one word text messages so a one word reply to a one word text ends up being at most a three word conversation

    • Period after can't.

    • Yeah I don't understand that shit, ignore her or just ask her whats up with the one word responses all the time are your two options it seems.