Should I try to woo this girl?

i met this girl about a month ago and we have have been on a couple dates in which we talked for hours non stop, and were really interested in each other. i feel like im falling for this girl i can't stop thinking about her im attracted both physically and mentally to her. we hooked up on those dates ( not sex, but close). we talk on the phone for hours, and she would always talk about how here dad had to woo her mom and that she would want her future man to do the same. I've been taking her on some more dates (expensive) she said she has been heartbroken so many times in the past, and that she doesn't want to do anything serious. I've been making it more clear i want to pursue her even tho she's afraid of being heartbroken again, and she is now telling me to stop trying, but she still calls me and wants to "hangout". there's no way i can be just friends with this girl i see her as more than that now.


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  • yea, unfortunately that is a problem for her - she is cautious and fearful and afraid but beware she may do a whole 360 on you later so you have to be cautious yourself. And yes try to woo her, if she likes flowers buy her flowers, if she likes movies then go out to the movies. A date never has to be expensive especially if you two like each other's companies - get what I mean?

  • She's just being catious... anyone who has had their heart broken severely have a very heart time just putting it out there again. maybe deep down she wants to give you more of her heart, mind and soul but she needs to be sure that you won't prove her "right". continue to woo her but do it slowly, she's a delicate flower at this point in her life.


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