Does true love really exist?

Ok , i know this question may sound a bit overheard but...
Im almost 17 , people say im very pretty and im the kindhearted , sweet girl.
But still i have never been in love yet , neither had my first kiss...
Is there sth wrong or i just haven't found sb special yet?
And i kind of jealous of my friends cuz every one of them is in a relationship or already expirienced love


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  • My fiancee and I say yes. We reconnected after sixteen years apart.

    17 is way too early to be doubting if you'll ever find true love. I didn't even have my first kiss until I was 18.

    Just because your friends say they've experienced love, doesn't mean they have. Of course they might have, but that has no bearing on whether you will soon or not.

    Many people are in relationships simply because it's what is expected of them. Or they get into one because their friends are in them, so it becomes a giant circle of lies.

    Just be yourself. If you have never been in love or had your first kiss, it's because either you're not ready yet, or you haven't talked to the right person.

    If you haven't yet, try talking with a person you're attracted to as though you weren't interested in dating them. If you can't do that, they're not the right person. If you can talk to a person and be yourself around them easily, you'll seem more confident and dateable to that person.


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  • I hope true love exists it seems like there is a lot more infatuation and lust going on then anything. Just be social and try and find out who you are and the rest will come eventually. I am 21 I have only ever had 2 kisses and neither were in high school so just wait and see right it will happen if you make yourself available don't be a shut in anti-social person or it may take a very long time.

    • Thank you very much and no i won't , im a very sociable person.

  • Just haven't met the right guy yet. You will, though.

    It's good, you're probably careful and you seem great. You don't want to jump into something like that.

  • True love? Hmmmm... if we're talking about pizza, specially stuffed crust pizza or just food overall... then yes absolutely!


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  • girl i feel you! but yes it does exist you just have to wait for that special person you're still very young and still have a lot of time. a lot of people dont start dating til college or even after so dont sweat it!