Do American women treat their men like dogs more than women from other countries?

I hear this from friends of mine who use mail order bride sites and what not. I'd say some do and some don't. I guess there's about an an equal amount of predatory, vicious people among both men and women. I've seen some guys who were real bastards and need a good ass whipping, if not shot. I've also seen some women who were real diva bitches and deserved bad luck as well. I do believe in the Hindu belief of Karma. What goes around comes around.

I've read more about this and I think American women are driving their men away. Furthermore mail order bride marriages have an 80% success rate. Normal first marriages here in the US end in divorce about 50% of the time. So, draw you own conclusi


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  • I believe in karma as well. But I do not live in the US but everyone is different so I can imagine some woman treating their man like a dog, but lets not forget those who don't. And I love how you've looked on both perspectives in the detail. Men can be just as stupid as women. But I would have to say us women can be too skeptical.

    • GenivieveJuly-I see a lot of mistreatment on both sides here in the states. It's
      just out and out wrong. But I don't claim to know the answer to stop it. I used to
      think I knew it all. I don't and never will.

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    • I'll admit I can be a feminist at times, but I don't usually go far, so hopefully my fellow fems can understand, but is this the work of feminists? I can imagine it being so. Trying to dominate the men one by one in relationships... now I feel like I'm talking about a sci-fi movie. I think women just use the Vietnam War as an excuse or the fuel they use to do things like this. As much as I am a woman, both women and men confuse me. Especially since I have yet to meet someone with similar minds as me. Anyway, what women do in the US is maybe because that's where the whole "star-quality" comes in. It is the home of Hollywood and I'm sure there is more pressure to be perfect, and maybe they think an "abusive" relationship gets it out, and it may work, but they shouldn't treat them so. A lot of... judgmental people seem to radiate from the US, no offense, not all, but again, the pressure and frustration.

    • I know how women can get frustrated and rage because they aren't "perfect" or "beautiful enough." But that's no excuse, and I would not agree at all with what women have done. We can be utterly disgusting. But maybe this is karma? We don't know how karma may work, but this just shows how the genders will never be equal if we keep going back and forth between who chooses to be dominant. The women are trying to fight. If you think of this as a battle strategy, the men would seem to be caught off guard as the women start to take charge for revenge. Okay, maybe not the best example, but I'm sure you get my point.


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  • i think you're going to get a biased sample anyway from men using those sites but there's not really anything like that where i live, yeah some people treat each other like crap but its not a majority from either gender.

  • No. Just because American women are more independent it doesn't mean they treat their men any less

  • Well didn't you kinda answer your own question?

    I don't think it's true, but I'm not surprised such a statement would come from men using mail order brides, who in my book are just a tad better than human traffickers

    • Izzy2102 I don't know. Not all men using these sites are slimeballs. Granted some are. I've seen girls from these sites get really used and abused. It seems to me the girls from the far East, the Phillipines and Thailand are the women most often abused. Sadly, there doen't seem to be much if any regulation to these sites. But I do hear men complain that American women have gotten way too nasty and castrating for their tastes. Frankly, I don't know.

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    • No abused of any kind is not ok by anyone. It just seems to me that many more men are seeking women from other countries because they claim American women are so strident about in their treatment of men. It's not ok to abuse someone.

    • Well then move there, get work there, date normally. As I said I don't think mail order bride sites are ok. Because as you said, those women usually get used and abused. I have 0 sympathy for men to use those sites

  • Quite possibly

  • i think it has been exaggerated... i doubt they treat guys like dogs


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