I am about to meet this girl? I'm a girl also... And I'm very nervous?

I met this girl online about a month or two ago and we've been talking, she's bisexual and I am too... However, it's her birthday party (tmo) she's older then me by a few months & I'm nervous to meet all her family.. And friends tomorrow... But I can't not come cause I already agreed to it. I'm bringing my friend with me so it's not as bad hopefully😶... Any advice? I can talk to her so easy over the phone, but she's the first girl I've been with with I actually can see going somewhere with.. I had a sorta girlfriend before but it was mostly just for pleasure. ANOTHER THING, her parents don't know she's bisexual so I don't know how to act either


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  • just be one of her friends when you get to the party. you are just meeting her face to face for the first time. nothing more has to come of it if you or she doesn't want to. no need to rush into anything or expect anything to happen the first time you meet each other.


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  • Just be yourself, be friendly, and have fun. The rest will come naturally.