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How long did it take someone to ask you to be his girlfriend after you met him? Also how did he ask you and how was your relationship with him before he asked you out?


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  • Haha well my current boyfriend asked me out about a year after I met him. I said no and then he asked again about 2 1/2 years later. I said yes but then we broke up after a couple months. Then he asked again 7 months later and we're still together.

    How he asked. First time: He gave a corny speech from his favorite show and then told me he liked me and asked if I'd go out with him. We were acquaintances who did the same activities at school together.

    Second time: He asked me my work schedule and then asked if I'd go on a date with him on Friday. We were friends at the time.

    Third time: We hooked up one night and then the next day he said "... So what do you want to do?" We were much closer friends at this point.


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  • That's a lot of how's...

    I've never had a friendship turn into a relationship. So I don't believe I can answer this...

    Not sure how often that happens.

    • I didn't mean did you have a friendship with the person, I just wanted to know how well did you know the person.

  • With my current relationship it was 2 weeks! And he asked me while we were on a date, went something like "so I've been thinking, you know you want to be my girlfriend so why don't you ask already?" lol it was cute. We were 20 at the time and have been together ever since :)

  • My first bf was my childhood friend, known for like 10 years and we were romantic attracted to each other for like 1 year and then he asked me. My second was like 2 hours ^_^

    • How did the second ask?

    • We have mutual friends. So he have seen each other on instagram and fb, so when we first meet at the skateboard park with our friends, we hung out. It somehow clicked between us. So we sat there and he asked me if i wanted go out with him, i thought he wasn't serious so i just agreed and then he just kissed me and our day continued lol our realationship did too

  • me and my ex had known each other for 2 months and were sitting in a garden and he asked me


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