What date is a good date for the first kiss?

If he hasn't shown signs of wanting to kiss me by the third date, is that bad or normal? (Hint: I've never kissed or dated I guy before so I'm in the dark here completely)


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What Guys Said 1

  • There is no set time. Just let it happen. Or if you really want to, just kiss him on the cheek a little longer than usual; that should give him a sign. Or just kiss him yourself.


What Girls Said 1

  • Try to think of it the other way around. You've never kissed or dated a guy, so if the expectation was for you to make the first move would you not feel a little nervous or hesitant? It may be as simple as that. Maybe he's just nervous. It's also possible that he's having trouble reading you because you've not kissed or dated anyone so you're not familiar with how people may typically act if they want to be kissed.

    It can be nerve wracking but when/if you have another date with him, maybe help him out by being a bit more assertive - just hint that you're interested in him and want him to make the move to kiss you.