My ex confuses me so much! Can someone help me?

So my ex girlfriend has a bf. She and I still talk and she says she still loves me and I definitely still love her. I love her so much I can imagine being with anyone else but she still wants to have sex n stuff while she has a bf I'm not sure about that but I can't resist. Is this a hint she was using me for sex during our relationship? I'm confused n scared what do I do


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  • You need to stop all contact with her. It seems like she is playing games with your head. If she has a boyfriend then she shouldn’t be talking to you. It shows that she has no loyalty to anyone. She wants to cheat on her boyfriend with you. That should give you some red flags about her. Do you really want to be with someone like that? I think you should move on. You should start trying new activities and meeting new people. This will help you get over her. You seem like a good guy and any girls would be lucky to have you.

    • Thanks I appreciate it


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  • scared of what? she sounds silly and is just having fun... she is not a one guy kind of girl


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  • She is keeping you around long enough till she decides and makes up her mind about the bf... dump her, she is will become yours forever... remember, always be the one that holds the power... and power comes from saying NO, not yes... so next time tell her no, I can't have sex or hang out, I am going out to movies with a girl... don't give her any details about the girl and blow her off couple of times... she will dump the dude for you...