Is this normal for him to act this way?

My bf just bought a dog. We live together and since he has gotten it he barely wants to cuddle. She will sleep with us and usually it's in the middle which makes it hard to cuddle. But lately I'm the one that has to ask for a kiss or cuddle. Is this normal for hI'm to act this way?


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  • weird. its just a dog. why should it come inbetween wanting to cuddle.

    cuddling is fun, its awesome and intimate.

    If I love my girl, I wana cuddle her at least a good 5-10 min before I fall asleep.

    Talk to her, whisper to her, tell her how much i love her, kiss her, sniff her.


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  • The girl I like, who I don't live with, and am not even the bf of, yet, offered to help me find a new dog. We had to put ours down in March because she developed stomach cancer. So she asked if I was looking for a new one. I told her "sort of". Money is tight right now etc... and she said "I'll help you, I love dogs". Is she asking me on a date? I guess I want to view it as a date butttt, I'm just wondering if it is


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  • its probably the novelty of having a new dog to hug and play with, if it doesn't resume within a month then have a big talk with him and ask him whats going on