Is he not going to work out (at the gym) now?

I started dating this guy. During our last date, without getting into a whole big story, I was talking about the type of clients I see (I work in healthcare) and I said something like, "Yeah, and they are big, tall guys -- like yourself -- and burly..."
And he goes, "What's burly?" (Note English is not his native language)
And I said, "Muscly". And he goes," Oh, thank you, you think I have muscles..." and he seemed quite flattered.

But that's not what I meant. I was referring to his height (He is VERY tall). And I would actually prefer it if he started lifting weights again. He hardly has any muscle. He is lean but a bit out of shape.

When we first started dating, he mentioned that he started going to the gym again (weightlifting), but this was back in February. And we only recently reconnected this month...

(I know this sounds shallow, sorry, but I can't help admiring a guy with a nice strong chest and shoulders, ;) )

You guys are so cute... Thanks for the answers. We were talking today, and he mentioned going to the gym Sunday... YES! :D


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  • I'm sure you know gym and sticking to a bland diet takes a bit of self-motivation.

    You can't really persuade someone to go through being in pain and sore almost every day of the week after a good workout unless he's REALLY determined to be in shape so... ehhhhhhhh

    Find a way to make him motivate himself maybe?
    Careful tho , people tend to blame others than themselves for a situation so... ssssss... hard choices.


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  • You'll only find out overtime. He may think that he doesn't need to and stop. But he may also use it to get even bigger muscles since you mighta implied that what he was doing was working for him, thus pushing him further.

  • If it were me I would be motivated to keep lifting I have never been complimented on my muscles by a girl if she did I would be flattered and motivated to keep it up. It's harder to grow muscles when you are tall it seemingly takes longer for them to grow. Their is the body type Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph that makes a difference too. I like fit girls though so what you like is what you like just don't be shallow their are nice people that look different to right keep that in mind.

  • Tell him he used to be muscle but is he still going to the gym? Dont dance around, tell him you liked his muscles.

  • Well your mistake for telling him he had muscles lol. No, if you compliment muscles, it may make him think he doesn't need to do much to improve, but it wouldn't stop him from gym'ing. You have to work out just to maintain, let alone build.


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