How to know when it's time to stop dating him?

I've been dating a guy that I met on an online dating site for two months now that lives a couple of hours from me. We met up in June and have Skyped twice since then. We also text at least a few times a day or snapchat. I like him but this seems to be going nowhere because he is always busy. I told him last night I had a question to ask him but I do not know how to come out and confront him about what he is looking for at the moment. I only assumed in the beginning he was looking for a girlfriend with being on a dating site and all. I wanted to ignore him since he sending mixed signals but every time I ignore him he seems to text me more. Should I confront him or leave it be?


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  • Is he married or with someone else? That's what it looks like.

    • Well, I talked to him about it all last night. He says that distance is a big factor and he wishes it wasn't. So I guess I got my answer.

    • Then he should leave you alone and stop bombarding you with Texts. He sounds like someone who is lonely using web sites to fill a gap. Leave him alone.


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  • its not going anywhere so just tell him that your tired of wasting your time and you want a guy you can actually date

  • It's been 2 months and you live hours apart. What exactly do you expect from him?