I never had a boyfriend :( .. I just want to be friends with him but I'm bad with talking to boys?

Ok so I like this boy but I did some creepy stuff... Read my previous questions lol so I'll just give a little brief explanation... so we had class in 8th grade technology I messages him on fb and said hey I'm... not saying my name and he said I still don't know who you are so I was like we had technology in 8th grade so I thought I would just say hi and he said 8th grade is too far back for me to remember.. And I was like oh I'm quiet at times and I like to cook for fun and he was like ugh why the sudden interest and I was like uh no sudden interest and I was like uh you seemed nice that's why and he said you wouldn't happen to be the person who had the wrong number right? And I lied even though it was me I used text now app lol, and he said by the way how come you never approached me in real life, don't you think this is sort of sudden? And I was like I never really had the chance to in person and he said ok and I was like yup and he left me on seen. And that was the end of that.. What do you think he meant? And this happened dec 2013 and I think he is over it cuz recently over the summer he has been liking my pics on Instagram and I like his so... I'm not sure if he is over what happened and I wish he would message me on fb saying hey but he dosent initiate any type of way to start a convo with me and I'm not hitting him up cuz he shud do it? maybe he is since he likes my pics? Maybe


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  • You need to clear the air with him. It started out messy, but it can. be salvaged. I'll assume you're more. comfortable in talking to him via social media. Do so, &. be brave enough to say. what you really mean. At this point, the worse is you lose contact with him, & that's where it's headed.

    Talk to him. Explain to him that you really do like him, you just don't know how to say it right. A good guy is going to understand this, & likely find it a bit endearing. Take a shot. Honestly, what do you really have to lose?

    • He dosent initiate conversation with me... to make it short on fb he said by the way how come you never approached me in real life, don't you think it's kind of sudden for you to just Hmu on here. I dnt know what he meant? I guess he wants me to approach him in person or say something but I'm shy and I think he knows I like him.. he seems shy also and my friend told him one time that I liked him through text but he didn't know what my name was at the time and he prob knows now

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  • This is hard.. If he likes your ig pictures does not really mean he likes you. He doesn't message you at all or try to talk to you then I think u should get over it. Sorry