Why would he a guy act different online then in person?

I like this guy, we've been taking for the entire summer on fb and talking on the phone, he flirted with me and it was so obvious. WE would talk every day. I was so excited to see him back at school, but now that we are back he pays minimum attention to me. Why would he do that? Does he not like me? but what about everything tht happened during the summer?


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  • Yep, online is less awkward so he's probably said stuff he wouldn't have said in person so soon. When you see him he probably feels unable to say the same stuff because it's less safe. It will just take time. Ease into it with Skype and casual stuff in person. You could try talking about it too.


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  • Text based communication is a lot easier for people to do in general. You really get to think about what you say before emotion gets the best of you (which sometimes is the downfall in face to face communication... you open your mouth before thinking).

    I think texting and emailing sometimes is a cop out though for certain conversations. Sometimes things can get construed or taken out of context. This girl I'm talking to will ask me relationship type questions over text and I ignore them and ask her about them when in person. That was you get a whole picture. Body language, inflection in the voice, eye contact... like they say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what is a text worth?

  • It's easier to talk online than in person (online you have time to think of an answer, don't have to make eye contact, etc.) so he's most likely too shy/afraid to talk to you in person.

    • but he talks to other girls, and im around him, but he just only talks to the girl next to me

    • That could indicate that he likes you and is afraid to say stupid things when talking to you, but talks to the girls you're with because he wants to be around you and get your attention. I know it's stupid... I sometimes do that because I'm horribly shy around girls I like haha

  • He's shy and has little confidence.


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  • Yeah many said that it is easier to chat, and also maybe he doesn't want to let others know that u both talk and maybe he told on fb some awkward things and now he is shy to make eye contact with u, to deals with that problem u better call each other more or use video calls

    • but Im scared to call him, cuz he might think Im weird or that type of stuff. Im pretty shy myself so I wouldn't know what to talk about...

    • Y don't u ask him "can we call each other? "