Well there is a guy i'm crushing on... and sometimes I feel like telling him... so should I tell him or should I not?

well... im just confused!!!


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  • Tell him. You'll only remain in this pit of confusion by holding it in, and regret is sure to come should he find someone else. Tell him now, or forever hold your peace.

    • yea... but it takes a lot of guts and... he tlks to me as if he is so not interested in even talking to me...

    • It depends on how long you've known him. I was in your position, but it lasted 4 years before I asked her and was rejected. I felt so much better afterwards, though.

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  • hang out with him more and try to look for some really obvious or blatant signs that he might like you too, if he is more reserved and hides his feelings more, maybe drop a hint… if that fails, just tell him.

  • Grow a pair chibby!


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