What is a good flower message?

i want to let this girl know i will never stop chasing after her, and i will not break her heart


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  • Even though that is SOOOOO romantic, you shouldn't be clingy or smother her. There's different ways you can tell her.
    You can tell her straight out. If her birthday or holiday is coming up get her something she told you about in the past or something that only you and her know about. You can get a stuffed animal and put a special note on it (nothing to racy or sexual because it will spread around her friends) Or invite her out and casually slip it into the conversation.
    The most important part of any of those is to read her body language and make sure she doesn't look/feel awkward. Trust me, she won't say no.


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  • If you really want to do it and don't think it's something you wouldn't want to do. Tell her your true and real feelings thats the best card.

  • This is creepy.
    Back off a little bit, she will miss you soon enough, if she doesn't she clearly isn't interested in you and youve saved money on the flowers.
    you need chemistry both sides, not stalking.


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