Why didn't he respond to my text when all the signs pointed to he liked me?

I met this guy on Okcupid a couple of months ago. We seemed to hit off right away and went out on a couple of dates. However, in the past month we've both been busy but always kept talking at least once a day. We are both each other top 1 in snapchat. I took all these signs as he liked me. So I finally got the nerve to ask him what he was looking for by being on Okcupid. He told me he was looking for the right girl but distance was a factor with me since we live a couple hours away. I messaged him back that I wish it weren't either and never got a reply.

For curiosity sake, I looked at his online profile today and he has completely redone the whole thing. I hate to admit that I've been heartbroken that he could move on that fast. I'm trying not to let it get to me but it is.


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  • Yeah he most likely realized that he just can't entertain an LDR. I know I couldn't. If a girl lives more than 45 minutes away it's not happenin' for me. Maybe if I was rich. But life is too short and expensive to juggle the logistics of geographically challenged relationships.


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