What do I do about this guy who won't leave me alone?

I live with a room mate and her older brother is visiting and staying with us for a while. The thing is he keeps coming on to me. He asks me out constantly and I have a hard time turning him down. I do like him a little he is the sweetest guy and he does the cutest things but my roommate has made it clear I can't date her brother. I told him and he just doesn't care. I don't know if I should go out on a date with him just to get him to leave me alone and to see if I like him or just keep blowing him to avoid fighting with my roommate?

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Lol I have a date with him tonight so thanks to all that helped


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  • give him a chance. what's the worst that could happen? and ask your roommate why she says he's off limits.

    • I did she just said it's because he's get brother and I don't want to start a family feud and lose her as a friend and roommate

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    • or maybe he'll say yes because you always turned him down and this is finally his big chance and besides i've never met any guy that says no when a girl asks him out

    • I'll ask him when he comes back. Fingers crossed


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  • You have nothing to lose if you give him a chance... go and see how it is and don't listen "to the world". ;)

  • Tell him once and for all no

    • I do he doesn't care he asks me out within another hour.

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    • I don't want to tell ho once and for all thou I kinda like him

    • Ok then it's time for the both of you sit the sister down and say we are going out on a date were not getting married deal with it.

  • give the dude a chance, he's trying at least


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  • Don't go out with him unless you want to. If you want him to leave you alone, tell him adult to adult that you don't want to pursue anything with him and you do not want to hang out with him. If he still tries to come onto you, the best thing is to simply ignore him. Be direct with people. If I feel uncomfortable with something, I am just straight up. Its never my intention to hurt someones feelings, but if it hurts your feelings then I am sorry.

    • I want to try but she is constantly reminding me don't go out with him. He seems like a really cool guy.

    • Then do what you want! don't let anyone get in the way, you're an adult, make your own choices.