How come feelings seems as though they left but as soon as you see the person, it hasn't?

Been dating this guy over 8 years and we broke up going on two years ago. We was talking on the phone and I was telling him how I still loved him and missed him. We finally agreed to meet up and those feelings was still there and he felt the same way. It feels the same as in nothing happened. Everything is the same.


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  • One thing to keep in mind. Are you in love with the PAST and what WAS, or you in love with the NOW? Sure you have feelings but are they because you are remembering the past with him?

  • Its not uncommon to still have feelings for him you were together for 8 years and broken up for 2 there's a lot of history there that can't be forgotten in 2 years. But as the other post says are the two of you just remembering good times in the past or do you truly feel for each other again? You both have to truly look and think about everything before deciding to get back together make sure its what you both want. Otherwise it could end up in another break up. If you decide not to get back together time heals all wounds break ups are never easy but you just have to remember that it was in the past you dont have to forget what the two of you had just dont dwell on it look forward to the future for all you know the future could bring someone even better


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