Already texted him twice, no reply?

Me and a guy lets call him aaron, have been talking for a month now , day in and out on the phone, our conversations go for hours and sometimes 5 hours. We have met before and have scheduled another date soon. Although today i messaged him twice but i know he has seen it but there is no reply coming back. I am not the kind to become obsessed over the fact there is no reply back as i am free to ask him whats up but i think calling him or texting him for the third time is pushing it. I am not too worried about how he feels about me but i am more worried about how to respond to this situation. should i just wait until tomorrow or message him for the third time?


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  • Give him a chance to 'Reply,' sweetie. He may be in the middle of something important, and will most likely get back to you when he is free. It appears he has been Good so far in pushing a lot of buttons on his end to Text and talk, so don't give it Too much thought into him Not getting back to you, for he may have got caught up in something else at the moment.
    No, don't contact him until you hear from him. You have done your part by sending him messages, let him text when he is able to.
    However, if days go by, and you Still haven't heard anything, I would begin to be-----More worried. 'That situation' would be giving me Then Thoughts of other things, and then you would need to find out more from him.
    Good luck. xx


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  • We don't answer text as fast and some times we answer text later to keep you interested and not think we're needy.


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  • Just give him a little breathing space, men typically text much slower than women and he might just be trying to figure out a response.

  • Just wait hun.. He will message you.

  • Do not text him again. Let him respond, and then wait a little to text him back.