Are we officially dating?

I met this girl a few months ago and we've been talking to each other a lot but have always hung out in a group.

Last night, we had an opportunity to hang out in a one on one situation. I told her it was our 1st ever one on one. She smiled and told me "like 1st date".

After that I told her I will call this our 1st date and we should remember it as such. She just said, "ok!!"

We did have a lot of fun and she ended up telling me a lot more about herself. At the end of our "date", she said "Thanks for the date".

I sent her a message after we parted and told her I enjoyed our 1st date and looking forward to our 2nd one. She replied, "I enjoyed it too))"

Soooo are we officially dating or what?


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  • It's all semantics, but generally "we're dating" implies that there are several ongoing dates, and may or may not have and an exclusivity talk yet. I'd consider " you went out with her" as the relationship status.


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What Girls Said 2

  • You guys are officially dating, but not necessarily exclusive. She does seem to be very interested in you, but remember that it was only your first date. Several dates might need to pass before she officially accepts boyfriend-girlfriend status. You may even have to ask to be your girlfriend, or to ask her what she defines the relationship.
    Until then, good luck & be yourself!

  • yes, pretty much.


What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe but you will lose her if you focus your time on trying to be exclusive. Just live and enjoy your time with her. Expressing a needy emphasis on labels will be a turn off to many females.