Boyfriend hasn't texted me in almost 3 days?

well.. this past week n a half me and chris (bf) been I don't know ever since he started school & had sex he like got way over protective at the point of me like not even talking to my family! and he stopped texting me first & barley texting me at all. there is no girl involved i know that forsure thoe. i know he's busy and all , but he even blew me off on my birthday n every single time since he started school. & we fought like every single day about stupid shit cause he didn't trust me nor do i really , but he'd start a fight for no reason! we talked over it a million times. it still continued thoe. we talked about it a lot and we both decided to get to know eachother better & somewhat take a break or w. e , but i still can't talk to like any guy or nada cause we are still dating (its confusing even to me!) & em yeah i told him off on my bday n we agreed to trust eachother n him to stop being like you know an ass & stop like pushing me around to do w. e the hell he says n yeah. after that i asked him so what are we and he's like I don't know & i put an emoji and yesterday nor today have we talked! I don't know whats happening or what to do and shit i did all i can and now I don't know what to do let him mssg me? or am i just overreacting or what should i do


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  • Well... I guess your boyfriend aren't a good guy, you should send a message saying: Okay, you're being a motherfucker these days, I was happy with you but you changed so fast, I don't think that this relationship is good, you're always being stupid and hurting my feelings, and we're THREE DAYS without talking, if you don't want to talk now about us, it's okay, but forget me forever, I'll find someone really better than you.

  • He is emotionally abusing you and controlling you. Drop him, fast! He's just striiiiinging you along. This is no way to live.