Would you move for love?

met this great girl we have so much in common and like each other but one thing is stopping her to be with me and it is location. she lives in another country and to be honest there is nothing to do there. she is social has many friends and close to her family.

i live in beverly hills, above average income, graduate school education... etc etc. she told me that she won't know if she would like beverly hills. she has never traveled outside of her country and doesn't know what to expect. but i'm trying to convince her to just come for a week here and see how life is and i'm sure she would love it.

our parents are from the same country she lives in. but honestly that place has nothing to do. i even looked it up online and people that live there hate living there.


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  • Have you thought of moving for her? Since she sounds like she has more to lose than you do?

    CA isn't that great, not sure what's with all the hype about it. I live here, but I'm moving and can't wait to live!

    Hate the weather, hate how over crowded it is, hate how there aren't that much trees.

    Where is she from?

    • i love south cali, the weather is not bad? but the traffic sucks. i agree she more to lose than me, i have a condo in my parent's country, so going every summer is fine for me. i want to be a part of her family rather than take her away. the country is in the middle east, it is hot, over-crowded.

      i wouldn't mind moving there either but the country is poor, the opportunities are not as good as here. my salary is probably the top.0000001% in that country, so it would be impossible to find my profession there. the political instability in the middle east is freaking me out as well, and i don't think it would be safe if the civil wars spill over to her country.

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  • I would definitely

  • if so why dont u just buy her the tickets and offer her a short trip?

    • don't know if her mom would be cool with that.

    • her family is pretty strict. but i don't mind for her mom and her to come. her family income is below average, but i'm sure she would have a very different lifestyle if she moves here. very!

  • What country we are talking about here? Since you said where you live now is better


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  • If I love em that much and I know I can make ends meet without losing what makes me who I am, of course, I'd go to hell and back.